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CYAZ - Tofino, BC
Updated: 06-19-2018 18:00
   Wind: South 11.1 km/h
Wind: South 11.1 km/h
Temperature: 14°C
Dew Point: 13°C
Humidity: 94%
Barometer: 1017.6 hPa
Clouds: Overcast
Visibility: 24 km
Cloud details: Overcast 213.4 m
CYAZ 200100Z 19006KT 150V220 15SM OVC007 14/13 A3005 RMK SC8 CIG VRB 5-9 LAST STFD OBS/NEXT 201300UTC SLP176
CYHE - Hope,BC
Updated: 06-19-2018 18:00
   Wind: WNW 18.5 km/h<br />Gust to 18.5 km/h
Wind: WNW 18.5 km/h
Gust to 18.5 km/h
Temperature: 28°C
Heat Index: 28°C
Dew Point: 14°C
Humidity: 42%
Barometer: 1012.5 hPa
Clouds: Clear
Visibility: 15 km
Cloud details: Clear
CYHE 200100Z AUTO 29010G18KT 260V350 9SM CLR 28/14 A2990 RMK SLP128 DENSITY ALT 1700FT
CYYT - St. John's, NL
Updated: 06-19-2018 18:24
Light Drizzle, Mist, Overcast  
Light Drizzle, Mist, Overcast  
   Wind: WSW 22.2 km/h<br />Gust to 22.2 km/h
Wind: WSW 22.2 km/h
Gust to 22.2 km/h
Temperature: 10°C
Wind Chill: 7°C
Dew Point: 10°C
Humidity: 100%
Barometer: 993.9 hPa
Clouds: Overcast
Visibility: 10 km
Cloud details: Overcast 91.4 m
CYYT 200124Z 25012G18KT 6SM -DZ BR OVC003 10/10 A2935 RMK ST8 VIS LWR W-N SLP942 DENSITY ALT 700FT

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